QuraDea stands for colostrum products of extraordinary quality.We are trusted by drugstores, pharmacies and numerous doctors as well as health practitioners.
Colostrum from QuraDea is absolutely unique in the compostion of its ingredients. We want to preserve those precious immune factors and bio active substances as good as possible for human consumption.

Per definition colostrum is 'rich in minerals and antibodies'. It also contains many immune factors such as hormones, growth factors and other substances that are vital for our health.

It doesn't make sense to reduce the colostrum to its content of IgG (antibodies type G). Because there are many bio active ingredients that are very important we don't take the raw colostrum apart to get rid of the fat and casein fractions. These fractions are just as important and of course the fat carries many fat-soluble hormones and vitamines which are lost if you produce a liquid colostrum serum.

Only our wholesome QuraDea colostrum still contains the natural variety of bio active substances which can support our well-being!